20C GALLERY is more than a gallery space that setting with timeless designs and tasteful experiences, but bringing a forum, an editorial idea and a collaborated platform together into a whole, creating a dialogue between the west and the east, contemporary and historical,  architecture, design and art.

BACK TO 20TH CENTURY was originally founded by ad-man turn to collector and retailer Feng Cao in Beijing. Since 2015, it has gradually expanded from a vintage furniture shop to a design showroom that collected historical master pieces, contemporary furniture, emerging Asian designs as well as modern art collections.

In the fall of 2021, BACK TO 20TH CENTURY opens its door in Shanghai as 20C GALLERY, located in ZhongCheng ZhiGu in BaoShan Dist., an 800-square-meter space arranging on two levels and transformed into a design gallery within a bookstore/library that made of 7 units where iconic historical pieces coexist with contemporary and collectible designs from all over the world, in parallel with their own productions by a selection of upcoming talents under the brand 20C DESIGN.

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